Friday, August 10, 2012

Christian Fauria is an ‘Oh, so holier than Thou’ hater!

Former NFL tight
end Christian Fauria .

After listening to former NFL tight end Christian Fauria bad-mouth Hall of Fame-caliber wide receiver Terrell Owens by repeatedly saying how he would never give Owens another chance in the NFL, I’ve got to say, I haven’t met many people with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude as Fauria.

Sure, the 13-year veteran earned two Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots, but for this former player to vehemently say that Owens doesn’t deserve another chance to resurrect his stellar on-field career, is mostly astonishing, especially considering how tight the NFL fraternity of both, current and former players is.

First of all, thank God Christian Fauria isn’t enforcing the law in this country (yep, I can just see this idiot at work in our judicial system). Ha!...You sold some lemonade little girl without a city license and now you’re going down and going down hard!

I mean, really, you know Fauria’s a real, hating jackass when grouchy old Skip Bayless says he’d give Owens another chance and Fauria wouldn’t!

I’m just sayin’ Eye On Sports football fans.

What are your thoughts?

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