Monday, May 07, 2012

San Antonio Spurs title bound?

            San Antonio Spurs' gifted
            rookie forward Kawhi Leonard.

If you know anything about NBA basketball people, then you already know the San Antonio Spurs are looking scary good at this early juncture of the postseason.

Not only did the Spurs tie the Chicago Bulls for the most wins in the league during the regular season (50), but more importantly, San Antonio is undeniably the deepest and most well-coached team in the league right now – and one that features the league’s best mix of youthful exuberance and veteran experience.

While San Antonio only had four double digit scorers during the regular season, ( a fairly low number) the Spurs also had a mind-boggling five players all avera between 9.1 and 9.9 points per game – and that’s not including, starting small forward Kawhi Leonard or veterans, Stephen Jackson and Matt Bonner, two players that can easily put up 10 points per contest themselves.

Shooting guard Danny Green 
apparently wasn't good enough 
for the lowly Cavaliers last season.
So far this postseason, the Spurs have three players averaging double figures in Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Stephen Jackson – while another five players are averaging at least 7.0 points per game – and that doesn’t even include Manu Ginobili who has played sparingly against the overmatched Utah Jazz through three games.

While it’s very possible that the Spurs could get knocked out of the postseason by one of the other elite teams in the conference (most likely Oklahoma City), I’m, not feeling it right now – nor am I feeling any team at all beating San Antonio this postseason.

But Green is good enough to start 
for the title-contending Spurs!
Whether they win it or not, if you like NBA basketball, then you’ve got to love the wide-open, share-the-wealth, style of hoops the Spurs are playing these days. If you’re not old enough to remember, it’s very reminiscent of the free-flowing way the game was played by teams throughout the league in the 70s and 80s.

Seeing guys sacrifice their own personal statistics for the betterment of the entire team has been a real treat if you like to see the game played the way it was meant to be played.

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