Monday, May 07, 2012

Sick and tired of the Wonderlic nonsense

Unnamed critics have taken shots at Dallas Cowboys 
first round draft pick Morris Claiborne for 
not taking the meaningless Wonderlic exam 
at this year's NFL Combine.
Every single year it  seems, at least one high NFL draft pick is now being subjected to a senseless, critic-fueled and definitely, media-inspired witch hunt surrounding some meaningless NFL combine Wonderlic test score or unconfirmed ‘report’ based mostly on personal preferences – and I for one – am sick and tired of it.

Whether it was Cam Newton getting idiotically slammed by Pro Football Weekly writer Alan Nawrocki or some unnamed critics taking late shots at RG3 just before this year’s NFL Draft, the nonsense has gotten to be a bit too much.

What’s even sadder is the fact that some folks will believe anything that is written in print.

The latest casualty of Wonderlic test fame is Morris Claiborne, the Dallas Cowboys first-round draft pick this year.

Now, no one, no where had ever (and I do mean ever) questioned Claiborne’s intelligence, whether it was at the Pop Warner level, high school or in college, but all of a sudden, some ‘unnamed’ critics want to try to paint Claiborne as a guy that is as dumb as a box of rocks – and it’s sickening if you ask me.

Claiborne dismissed the meaningless NFL IQ test during the NFL combine (good for him) and now, some people want to make that act seem like it’s a direct link to a lack of brain power – and I’m ashamed of some of my media brethren trying to capitalize on pure speculation.

I vehemently agree with the former LSU cornerback  when he recently said, "Nobody ever said I was dumb until this whole thing, sir," said Claiborne.

Morris Caiborne is not, nor has he ever been, considered of less intelligence than any other player and to even make the suggestion is just wrong, dead wrong.

While I don’t like the Dallas Cowboys one iota, never have and never will, I can undoubtedly say that I will be pulling for Morris Claiborne to have a fantastic rookie campaign this coming season.

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