Thursday, March 22, 2012

Vilma, ‘Bountygate’ Saints teammates are scum of the earth!

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma (L)
tried to injure several of his NFL counterparts in order to collect a cash bounty reward.
As a former athlete that has played myriad sports in a multitude of competitive settings, I’d like to take the time to say that New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma – along with the other New Orleans Saints players that participated on their now-infamous bounty program – are absolute scum of the earth!

Okay, okay, I may be going a bit overboard with the ‘scum’ comparisons, but really, these guys are low-life athletes that I would never want to have on my team.

I mean, really, what athlete goes out looking to injure – and possibly end – the career of their counterparts?

Pro football is such a fast-paced, high-impact game these days that even the players themselves know that each and every play could very literally be their last, which is why no one tries to intentionally injure another player – because it can happen so easily in the natural course of a game.

Vilma also allegedly tried to injure gifted
Carolina Panthers rookie signal-caller Cam Newton. 
For Vilma and any of the other alleged 22-27 other players involved to want to intentionally injure another player tells me that these guys would compromise their own morals just to get a victory on the football field.

Whatever punishment commissioner Goodell doles out to the players involved – I’ll fully support his decision – because there is no place in sports for trying to intentionally hurt or end the career of an opposing player.

I’m actually hoping the no-nonsense commish slams Vilma and company with some serious suspension time so that others will get the message from here on in … trying to injure another player is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any shape, form or fashion.

Maybe then, that’ll teach scum like Vilma and his ‘Bountygate’ involved teammates to actually play by the rules. 

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