Thursday, March 22, 2012

Warner’s right … good for Goodell!

Former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner 
was one of four quarterbacks the Saints 
offered a bounty for. The now retired legend 
agreed with commisioner Roger Goodell's 
punishment of the Saints.
As one of four quarterbacks targeted in the New Orleans Saints bounty program, Future Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Kurt Warner shared his thoughts on how NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handled the situation – and I agree with the Christ-loving Warner one million percent.

“I’m shocked like a lot of people, but not fully surprised,” Warner said. “One thing we realize about the commish is this has been primary from day one … he was going to protect our players. I am shocked at Coach Payton being suspended for a year and the various other things, but this is what Commissioner Goodell has done from day one. I love that he is trying to make statements to protect our game for the long-term.”

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