Sunday, August 12, 2012

Did Russia's Viktoria Komova get robbed?

Viktoria Komova shows off her
silver medal!

I love me some Gabby Douglas and I am excited about the fine young lady’s future in gymnastics, as are many people.

Having said that, I also want to go on record to say that I fell like Douglas was extremely lucky to have won the gold medal in the all-around portion of the 20102 London Olympics.


Because Russian superstar Viktoria Komova unleashed a floor exercise that I believe should have catapulted her past Douglas in their respective quests to win the gold medal.

Don’t be mad at me…I’m as pro-U.S. as any American African-American male can be (it is really hard some days). However, as a longtime journalist, I also have been trained to call things the way I see it, in a thought-provoking manner, no matter how any reader or group of readers may react.

In essence, if I didn’t share my true feelings on how I view things, I could never live with myself knowing I didn’t write the ‘truth’ at least as I saw it.

Again, from where I was sitting on the night of the all-around finals, I saw Komova unleash a floor exercise performance that I thought was as close to absolute perfection as any I have ever seen.

Komova needed a 15.360 on the floor exercise to beat out Douglas for the all-around gold medal, she fell just short and was denied the gold medal by just .039 to Douglas.

Still, I say Komova should have been awarded the gold medal as I believe her floor exercise routine deserved at least an even 16.00.

Nevertheless, I am quite pleased that Gabby Douglas won the gold medal – while making African-American history with he spirited floor exercise  performance, even if my journalistic duties lead me to say it should have gone to Viktoria Komova!

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