Saturday, March 03, 2012

Federer weighs in on Lin

Career grand slam leader
Roger Federer likes Jeremy Lin.
Well, since every professional athlete on the face of the planet these days seems t have an opinion on New York’s Knicks overnight sensation, Jemery Lin, I guess no one should be shocked that all-time career grand slam leader Roger Federer, a huge hoops fan, has his own thoughts on the overlooked Lin.

The likable Lin has made fans worldwide.
On a conference call with reporters last Thursday to promote a March 5 exhibition against Andy Roddick at Madison Square Garden, Federer said he's "heard a bit about" Lin before adding these thoughts.

“It's quite an incredible story, actually, and I hope he can come to the exhibition,” Federer said. [Lin is] "why, I think, we all follow sports -- because of great stories like this," when "all of a sudden, someone breaks through that you didn't know or didn't expect."

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