Monday, March 19, 2012

Eye On Sports NBA hoops fans speak on Jeremy Lin!

New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.
Okay Eye On Sports hoops fans, I’ve got the results from last month’s poll on ‘How many teams could Jeremy Lin start for’ and needless to say, they were a bit eye-opening to say the least.

First, let’s take a look at the results.

Poll Results
1-5 teams (45) 40%
6-10 teams (26) 23%
11-15 teams (14) 12%
16-20 teams (8) 7%
21 or more teams (19) 16%
112 Total Votes

Okay NBA hardwood lovers, in 112 total votes, a whopping 45 respondents believe Lin could start for just 1-5 NBA teams while a solid 26 percent believe he could lead the way for 6-10 teams.

Now, while jut 14 voters picked the 11-15 teams category and a miniscule eight voters picked 16-20 teams, Eye On Sports was surprised to see 19 voters select 21 or more teams Lin could start for.

After careful consideration, I came up with a total of nine teams that Lin could very easily start for right now. Numerous teams either had veteran point guard that are just better than Lin, (CP3, D-Rose, D-Will) others had their own blossoming floor leaders I believe are just as good as Lin or will be in the very near future (Jrue Holiday, Ricky Rubio, Kyrie Erving).

Still, nine is a fair number, so count me in with the other 26 voters that picked 6-10 teams.

Thanks for voting everyone and be on the lookout for the next Eye On Sports poll!

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