Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yeah, Joe Johnson, ya’ think?

Atlanta Hakws star
guard Joe Johnson.

The athletic, but not-too-bright, Atlanta Hawks, have problems Eye On Sports NBA hoops fans … but then again, this is the same team I’ve ripped for years for their lack of mental fortitude.

On Wednesday, ‘star’ shooting guard Joe Johnson let his thoughts be known on the state of the Hawks – and it wasn’t very pretty.

"When I look at our team, we are a very talented team, but I [don't know] whether guys know their roles or not," Johnson said. "We know the right thing to do. A lot of times we don't come out and do it. I just think we should all have one agenda, one goal and that is winning the basketball game. Not who scores what, who does what. I think we are too self conscious about [who is] scoring and the little things that really don't matter."

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