Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Lookin’ For Love in All the Wrong Places!

LeBron James is looking for love,
but Blake Griffin say get that outta' here!

I was looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking for love in too many faces
Searching your eyes, looking for traces
Of what.. I'm dreaming of...
Hopin' to find a friend and a lover
God bless the day I discover
Another heart, lookin' for love
 - Waylon Jennings

Okay, I’ve read into LeBron James’ Twitter post just after Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin posterized Oklahoma Thunder City center Kendrick Perkins and here’s what I believe.

James is still clearly looking for love these days NBA fans. He’s looking for the love he lost on a global scale when he dissed the Cleveland Cavaliers on national TV, without so much as a warning, in order to take ‘his talents to South Beach’.

With a fictional dunk of the
year title on his mind, clearly
LeBron James is still immature.
"Dunk of the Year! @blakegriffin just dunked on Kendrick Perkins so hard!!! Wow! I guess I'm No. 2 now. Move over #6," James tweeted, clearly making a reference to his own highlight reel dunk over Chicago Bulls point guard John Lucas III the day before.

With comments like “Wow! I guess I'm No. 2 now. Move over #6," James will never, ever endear himself to any hoops fan outside of his beloved South Beach.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … LeBron James ruined his legacy not by leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers, but by how he did it.

Then, to add to his misfortune, James checked out mentally like never before in quitting against Boston in his final playoff appearance for the Cavaliers – before doing so in even more stunning fashion in last season’s NBA Finals collapse against Dallas.

Oh yeah roundball lovers, LeBron James is looking for love – but unfortunately, James is looking for love in all the wrong places!

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